Deluxe Online Check Reorder FAQs

Q. How can I find out exactly how much my checks cost?

A. Your bank or credit union sets the price you are charged for your check orders. Deluxe is your bank's check supplier and does not set the check order prices. You will see the amount you were charged for your order on your future bank statement. If you need to know the exact price before you place the order, please use Traditional Ordering Methods.

Q. How will I be billed for my check order?

A. Your account will be debited for the check order amount. Charges will be listed on your next statement.

Q. Can I pay for my check order with a credit card?

A. Not at this time. All billing details are handled by your bank or credit union, and your account will be debited for the price of the order.

Q. Is there any additional cost for using this online order service?

A. This service is offered as a convenience for you and your bank. Deluxe never charges an extra service fee for ordering online. You will pay the same amount for your checks whether you order online, or use Traditional Ordering Methods.

Q. I am part of a special program at my bank that includes free checks. If I order over the Internet, will I be charged?

A. Not if you reorder exactly the same check design and box quantity as your previous order. If you make a change, you may be charged.