Personal Loans


When it comes to meeting personal needs, you can count on personalized financing from a bank that understands you. Rest assured that your dreams are attainable — whether it's a family vacation, a start-up project, or nearly anything in between — thanks to our competitive rates and close attention to customizing financing around your unique needs.

Rather than deal with multiple contacts through some far-off lender, HVCBank provides one local point of contact and a streamlined process — turning your needs of today into haves of tomorrow.

Loan Details

  • Competitive fixed or variable rates for a wide range of personal needs:
  • Finance a new vehicle
  • Go on a dream vacation
  • Finance education expenses
  • And much more!
  • Flexible terms and monthly payments that fit your budget
  • Local decision-making and processing
  • Personalized, attentive service throughout the entire process

Tips for keeping interest down

At HVCBank, we believe a strong payment history deserves to be rewarded. Help yourself secure an even lower rate by making on-time payments.

Plus, since all HVCBank installment loans are simple interest loans, you pay interest only on the outstanding balance. You can also control your interest amount if you choose to repay early.

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