Remote Deposit Capture


Depositing incoming checks is certainly important for a growing business, but sending employees to a bank multiple times a day probably isn't the best usage of their time. Fortunately, remote deposit capture addresses this age-old dilemma by making check deposits available without even leaving your office.

Simply scan, then send. That's it. No need to tie up resources. Remote deposit capture allows you to realize funds quicker and accelerate cash flow as opposed to the old-fashioned way. Speak to a helpful HVCBank representative about adding this capability to your business today.

Remote Deposit Capture Details

  • Available to HVCBank business customers
  • Deposit checks remotely, without even leaving your office
  • Use the bank-provided scanner to input any number of checks
  • Checks sent directly to the bank for review and processing
  • Handle checks from multiple offices or locations
  • Realize funds quicker and accelerate cash flow
  • Extended cut off times; make deposits after regular business hours
  • Free up resources by reducing the number of bank trips necessary
  • Less time spent preparing documents
  • Save on transportation costs
  • Reduce risk of check fraud by eliminating paper checks from potentially being intercepted
  • Fewer errors in accounting
  • Encrypted software protects your accounts